5 Modern Crown Molding Style Ideas

Looking for 5 modern crown molding style ideas? If you're thinking about redecorating your pad and want something more dramatic than just a coat of paint, here are some modern crown molding ideas that can transform your place from drab to fab. Crown molding is usually thought of as a classic element of interior design, but with some twists, it can be a fun and contemporary addition to any room.

  1. Think sleek. When you imagine crown molding, it might conjure up images of Wayne Newton and Liberace’s mansions, lavishly adorned with gaudy, gold décor. An easy way to avoid an overdone look is to choose a flat, unembellished style of ceiling trim. Most of the time, staying modern means staying simple.
  2. Go bright. Don’t use an overly ornate style of crown molding unless you change it up a bit. Create an avant-garde look by leaving the walls white, while painting the crown molding a bright, high-gloss color. Doing the opposite of the status quo is a surefire way to keep your decor fresh.
  3. Stay simple. If you do decide to go with a patterned style, keep it extremely modest. Simple lines or beading will accentuate the molding without making it look busy and outdated. Complex patterns belong in places like the Palace of Versailles, not in your chic new condo.
  4. Add glaze. Another way to modernize the look of crown molding is to use a glaze that adds sheen and texture. Rub your choice of glaze into the molding with a rag to fill in crevices on the wood’s surface. This process will make the color of the molding look more vibrant and intense.
  5. Reach higher. You can usually find what are called “ceiling medallions” anywhere crown molding is sold. Score a funky lamp fixture and anchor it with the ceiling medallion for a cool, hipster look. You can use any of the above tips to further mix it up and make it your own.
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