5 Most Beautiful Spanish Girls

These are 5 most beautiful Spanish girls. Spanish girls are born to be beautiful because have a nice color and complexion to their skin. Many Spanish women have beautiful black hair and sexy brown eyes. If they are traditionally Spanish, their accents accentuate their sexiness.


    1. Penelope Cruz Cruz is a hot, beautiful Spanish girl. Penelope Cruz is a Spanish actress who is well-known in the United States, Spain and throughout the world. She is one of the most beautiful and famous Spanish girls you will ever see.
    2. Elsa Pataky Pataky is a Spanish actress who starred in “Snakes on a Plane.” She is unique when it compared to the other beautiful Spanish girls on this list. She has light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes–this goes back to her Romanian/Spanish ancestry. Don’t worry, Pataky is all Spanish and sexy. This lady is not just beautiful, she is fluent in four languages.
    3. Paz Vega Vega is a beautiful Spanish actress. She is married and is a mother to a little boy and girl. Vega may be the sexiest mother you will ever see. Check her out in “Not Forgotten” and “Roadkill” and you will not be sorry.
    4. Adriana Reverón Reveron is the beautiful Miss Spain 2010. Reveron is 24-years-old and she is the hottest woman in Spain. She is a sexy, beautiful model who has a promising future.
    5. Patricia Conde Conde is a beautiful blonde from Valladolid, Spain who works in Spanish television. Conde has a great sense of humor, especially for a beautiful blonde bombshell. She is also a comedian and received the Antenna Gold award in 2007. Conde is a talented, hot beauty.


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