5 Most Collectible Beijing Olympics Swimming Souvenirs

Looking for information on the 5 most collectible Beijing Olympics swimming souvenirs? The 2008 Olympics were one of the most spell-binding Olympics to date. Michael Phelps made Americans everywhere cheer with delight. Many people would like to maintain a piece of memorabilia from that amazing Olympics. These 5 souvenirs are the most collectible Beijing Olympics swimming souvenirs.

  1. 2008 Beijing Olympics champion Michael Phelps engraved signature display: This display features an aerial shot of Michael Phelps winning the Gold. It is framed in a beautiful dark frame. The engraving reads “The Baltimore Bullet”. It also features an engraved signature replica. The beautiful engraving makes this one of the five most collectible Beijing Olympics swimming souvenirs.
  2. The McDonald Coca Cola Beijing Olympics swimming glass: It is a known fact that coca-cola memorabilia is very collectible. This increases when added with the collectibility of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and this is definitely one fo the five most collectible Beijing Olympics swimming souvenirs.. The glass is about six inches and features the curvature of the coca cola glass..
  3. Benin 2008 stamp commemorating Beijing Olympic swimming. This stamp features a figure swimming and had the words “Republique Du Benin” imprinted on the bottom. The stamp is a light blue color and will provide years of collectability for it's owner. For those who enjoy stamp collecting this is one of the five most collectible Beijing Olympics swimming souvenirs.
  4. Beijing 2008 Olympic games coin set series III: This coin set features two silver coins and one gold coin. The set features many important parts of China's heritage. This coin set also features Chinese landmarks such as the Grand Wall of China and the Summer Palace. What makes this one of the five best Olympics swimming souvenirs is the attention to detail on the beautiful coins.
  5. 2008 Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated collectible poster: The poster features Michael Phelps on the cover of sports illustrated in the center. It also features four photos of the Michael Phelps winning the goal in the Olympics The poster is forty eight by thirty one inches and an excellent addition to any collection. This is a classic collectible Beijing Olympics swimming souvenir.

The Olympics are considered a time when the world comes together and shows their talents. The 2008 Olympics in Beijing were a definite illustration of that point. For many Americans swimming took center stage as we all rooted for the United States Swimming team that year. These five items are the most collectible Beijing Olympics swimming souvenirs, because they capture the spirit and anticipation of those games.

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