5 Most Common Male Sex Fantasies

If you're a man, it's likely that you have sex fantasies and while you may think that no one else has the same fantasy, guess again because now you can learn about the 5 most common male sex fantasies. You'll see that you're definitely not alone.

  1. A threesome. One of the most common male sex fantasies is to have a threesome. While some men will only consider a scenario with two girls and one guy, there are men who would love to have a threesome that includes another guy. It's a normal and common fantasy that many men crave from their partner.
  2. Power scenarios. Another common male sex fantasy is for a boss/secretary or teacher/student fantasy. It doesn't matter who the aggressor and the submissive are, these are all power scenarios where the guy is a person in charge and is either seduced by the woman or has the upper hand and offers something in exchange, such as a raise or a good grade.
  3. Anal sex. This is a sex fantasy that some men find hard to address because either their partner is scared or finds it dirty and repulsive. It is a fantasy that can come to life under the right circumstances and a lot of trust. If this is your fantasy, take it slow and ease your partner into it. Don't force the issue or try to rush into anything. With the right communication, this fantasy may be very well possible.
  4. Being controlled. For some men, being controlled is a fantasy they might never share with a partner but certainly have thoughts of. Sometimes this is because the man is in control all day long by having a job where he is in charge. This fantasy allows him to let someone else take control and make him do whatever she pleases. The fantasy can range from being totally submissive, bondage and light pain or it can simply be a scenario where his partner or another person tells them what to do.
  5. Watching his girlfriend or wife with another man. The cuckold fantasy is quite common. This is where his partner has sex with another man and he is forced to watch, but not be able to participate. Some fantasies allow for eventual participation while others involve being ridiculed by the other man, his partner or both.

It doesn't matter what your fantasy is, the point is that we all have them and they may not be as outlandish as you think. Even if your private fantasy isn't on the list, it doesn't mean there there aren't thousands of other men with the same exact fantasy.

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