5 Most Expensive Boats

Wonder what it’s like to sail out into the deep ocean blue in one of the world’s 5 most expensive boats? Splendid, colossal and the dream of a lifetime, these mega yachts contain everything you can imagine and more.

  1. Eclipse – 1.2 billion. This monstrous ship stretches 560 feet with a crew of seventy. Guest may enjoy a swimming pool that doubles as a dance floor when drained (seriously, we're not kidding), a second swimming pool, aquarium, two helicopters and a submarine that doubles as an escape pod (again, we’re not kidding). If you feel you need protection against modern day pirates or the paparazzi, not a problem. This super boat security system zaps intruders with laser burst plus it has a missile detection system. Let’s just say don’t mess with the Eclipse.
  2. Dubai– $350,000,000. Extends 535 feet dons five VIP suites, six luxury apartments, office, lounge, huge open glass staircase, squash room, spa center, swimming pools, hot tub, sunbathing area with formal and informal dinning rooms and saloons. Did we forget to mention helicopter pad and submarine (must be a trend).
  3. Lady Moura – $210,000,000. This mega vessel is small compared to our top two, extending at a mere 344 feet. Everything’s relative. The Lady Moura has the speed of a power boat with the ability to fly out in a helicopter. No submarines here, but guests will enjoy their own private resort. A retractable platform filled with sandy beach, palm trees and deck chairs slide off the side of the ship. The only expensive super boat that combines both land and sea.
  4. Rising Sun – $200,000,000. This luxury yacht with 8000 sq. ft. of living space on five floors is 453 feet long. Jacuzzi bath, spa, gym, sauna including a private cinema. It’s like a mansion at sea.
  5. Octopus – $200,000,000. Only at 414 feet in length, guests will enjoy a ride in not one but two helicopters, submarine big enough to fit ten people and seven smaller boats if you want your own private ride while out at sea. This ship is transportation loaded with extra transportation.

The world’s most expensive boats should be considered some of the most amazing wonders of the world. There’s nothing else like them on the seas. Maybe if you rub elbows with someone rich enough to rent one or find a pal who’s invited on one as a guest, you too can experience an amazing luxurious dreamscape at sea. Bon Voyage!

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