5 Most Expensive Brands Of Alcohol

The 5 most expensive brands of alcohol includes an even mix of whiskey, scotch, tequila, vodka and cognac.  From the aged to the extravagant and those in lavish bottles, a $20 cocktail seems like a steal compared to these brands of alcohol.  If you have the thirst for a high-priced drink and the money to spare, check out these five most expensive brands of alcohol.

  1. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Aged for 100 years, the 82-proof Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac retails for about $2 million per bottle.  The high price, which earned a Guinness World Record for most expensive cognac, includes a 24-karat gold and platinum bottle with 6,500 diamonds.
  2. Diva Vodka Produced in Scotland, Diva Vodka is arguably the most expensive vodka in the world, with a single bottle setting you back a cool $1 million.  Not only does the drink come in a diamond-encrusted clear bottle, it is passed through a mixture of diamonds and gemstones during production.
  3. Ultra Premium Tequila Ley Holding the world record for the most expensive bottle of alcohol, a single bottle of Ultra Premium Tequila Ley sold for $255,000 in Mexico in 2006.  While the triple-distilled tequila inside, produced from aged blue agave is quite the luxury treat, it's the bottle that is perhaps most impressive, featuring platinum and white gold.
  4. Almore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch One of only twelve bottles produced, the Almore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch is not only one of the most expensive brands of alcohol, but also quite rare.  One bottle, which was believed to have been enjoyed between a small group of friends, sold in Surrey, England, for an estimated $60,000.
  5. Macallan Single Malt Whiskey Part of the Macallan's Fine and Rare Collection, the Macallan Single Malt Whiskey has a sticker price of around $38,000, over $3,000 per two-ounce shot.  A limited number of bottles were produced as part of the set, with one, aged 60 years, selling in 2005 for $75,000.  
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