5 Most Expensive Chocolate Makers

Indulgence is key for the 5 most expensive chocolate makers in the world. Our lusts for decadent, desire-fulfilling chocolate lead many to pay exorbitant prices to calm their cravings. There are at least 5 chocolatiers willing and eager to fulfill our extravagant tastes.

  1. DeLafee International. This Swiss jewelry maker turned candy maker with the introduction of edible gold. The gold-encrusted chocolate is made from the finest cocoa beans from Ecuador, Venezuela and Ghana. The maker of the candy assures the public that the gold flakes are completely safe for ingestion, and the candy meets both European and American food standards. A box of two of these delights runs approximately $40 USD, or $20 apiece, making DeLafee one of the most expensive chocolate makers.
  2. Fritz Knipschildt. Maker of the Chocopologie La Madeline au Truffe, the most expensive chocolate truffle in the world as of 2010, Fritz Knipschildt ranks as one of the world's most expensive chocolate makers. The company claims that each piece of its luxury chocolate truffles is hand prepared. This chocolate is available by special order only.
  3. Noka Chocolate. This company, which claims its candies are purely organic, is one of the most expensive chocolate makers around. The company's claim to fame is having no additives, and no vanilla is involved in the creation of these fine chocolates. The company specializes in dark and blended chocolate concoctions.
  4. Richart Chocolates. Based in France, this company has been making chocolates from Criollo cocoa since 1925. The ingredient is hailed as being the finest available for use. The company creates unique tastes, including floral and citrus, for its candies. At $820 per pound as of 2010, Richart reigns as one of the most expensive chocolate makers.
  5. Godiva. The most accessible chocolate in this collection is made by Belgium-based company Godiva. Priced at around $130 per pound as of 2010, Godiva certainly qualifies as one of the most expensive chocolate makers.
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