5 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Fashion has always been a worldwide obsession, so here's the 5 most expensive clothing brands. The best brands are those that give a variety in design and construction. Variety in casual and formal wear also adds to the fame of an expensive clothing brand. 

  1. Zara. Zara is the best brand of today’s fashion world. Amancio Ortega founded this brand. The first showroom was opened in Spain. This clothes brand is a well-known name in regards to cost. Zara has now become a sign of quality and style.
  2. Giorgio Armani. Armani is an Italian brand that produces some of the best men’s suits. In the 1980's, Armani gained recognition as the best clothing brand that put emphasis on the cut and fit of clothing. Armani's styles were very innovative since the beginning. Armani clothing uses supreme fabric quality and perfect tailoring.
  3. Yohji Yamamoto. Yamamoto is a Japanese nationalist that found his way in the fashion world by exhibiting his very first collection in Paris. His first collection called Y’s was created in 1970. Yamamoto's work encompasses dark colored clothing with comfortable and sleek cuts. This expensive clothing brand has gained fame as main stay in fashion.
  4. Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is a highly qualified designer from the city of New York. Marc Jacobs collection was first introduced in 1986. He is famous for being the youngest to receive the Perry Ellis award for new fashion talent. Marc with his partner Duffy runs an expanding empire that small brands try to emulate. Marc Jacobs designs are stylish and functional to the need of today’s generation.
  5. Kenzo Takada. Kenzo Takada is a Japanese clothing brand designer. In 1993 the clothing brand Kenzo was bought by a French company. This expensive brand not only makes clothes but makes fragrances. Their suiting style is unique and due to their selective trends, people admire Kenzo Takada all over the world.
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