5 Most Expensive Coffee Beans

The 5 most expensive coffee beans have rich flavors and even richer stories. There are seemingly endless varieties of coffee beans in the supermarket and the local coffee shop, let alone all over the world. 


  1. Kopi Luwak. The rarest and most expensive coffee bean in the world comes from Indonesia where it is actually processed by an animal’s intestines. The palm civet, a wild cat-like animal found in much of Asia, ingests the reddest coffee beans and excretes them whole and ready for brewing. The palm civet is also kind enough to take care of removing the bean’s outer covering. A pound of Kopi Luwak coffee beans sells for $160 on average.
  2. Hacienda La Esmeralda. This red coffee bean is native to Mount Baru in Western Panama and grows at 5400 feet above sea level. Hacienda La Esmeralda is often described as having a strong jasmine fragrance. A pound of this coffee sells for up to $140.
  3. Island of St. Helena. This coffee grows on the Island of Helena, a small island in the South Atlantic.  It is reported to have been the favorite coffee of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was exiled on St. Helena in 1815. Today, a pound is sold for around $80.
  4. El Injerto. This coffee is grown in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, an area with excellent rainfall and humidity perfectly suited for coffee.  It is described as a spicy coffee with some chocolate and caramel flavors. A pound of this coffee sells for over $50.
  5. Fazenda Santa Ines. This coffee, grown in Brazil, holds the record for the highest score from the judges at the Cup of Excellence coffee competition. It is described as having notes of lemon and clove. The coffee is packed in special lightproof and airtight containers to preserve its unique flavors. A pound sells for $50.



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