5 Most Expensive Diamond Rings

The five most expensive diamond rings are also some of the most colorful rings. Diamond rings come in colors like blue, pink and yellow. The vividness of the colors can have a serious affect on the value of the diamond stone depending on how rare it is. Blue diamond rings tend to be one of the more expensive types of diamond.

  1. Chopard Blue. The Chopard Blue ring is valued at over $16 million dollars. It is set on an 18 karat white gold band with two diamond stones on each side of it. The diamond gets it’s blue color from the boron deposits from where it was found. It is well known as the most expensive diamond ring in the world.
  2. Vivid Pink. The Vivid Pink diamond sold at a Hong Kong auction for $10.3 million dollars. The Vivid pink diamond itself is five karats and there are two white diamonds on each side of the ring. The strong pink color of the stone is rare among diamonds which helps to make it one of the most expensive diamond rings. This is the ring that most little girls dream of.
  3. Vivid Blue Diamond Ring. The Vivid Blue diamond ring sold at the Sothebys auction for $7.9 million dollars. The ring is emerald cut and the diamond stone weights six karats. On both sides of the blue diamond there are two emerald cut diamonds and it is set on a platinum ring. It is described as having a flawless clarity, the strong blue color makes it extremely rare.
  4. De Beers Platinum. The De Beers Platinum diamond ring may be less expensive than the previous rings, but it will still coast you a pretty penny. This nine karat diamond ring is sold for more than $1.8 million dollar, which still allows it to be ranked as one of the most expensive diamond rings.
  5. Novo Yellow Diamond Ring. One of the most beautiful expensive diamond rings is the Novo Yellow diamond ring that was sold by Tiffany’s for $1.35 million dollars. The yellow diamond is 25.27 karats and set on yellow gold and platinum.

Good diamond rings will never be cheap, but these expensive rings have the most sought out characteristics in the world, and are well worth their price.


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