5 Most Expensive Items On Ebay Ever

Internet auction hub eBay pops into the headlines every so often with a new outrageous item, but these five most expensive items on eBay ever are a cross-section of the website's millionaire marketplace. Every day, eBay shoppers have to wade through a series of sketchy, unreasonably priced items from "new" sellers. But sometimes that million-dollar minimum bid is not just a prank. Really there aren't many surprises—fantastic luxury vehicles and truly timeworn antiques are standard-fare for wealthy auction fans. Perhaps the most staggering fact about these sales, however, is how much these pipe dream auctions actually fetch.

  1. Frank Mulder's Gigayacht. Back in 2006, Fort Lauderdale's 4Yacht yacht brokerage firm posted a listing for 405-foot floating steel palace known as the Gigayacht. The "Buy it now" price of $85 million already shattered all previous eBay sales records, but the starting price was only a 50% deposit on the actual cost of the ship. Designed by Frank Mulder, this Gigayacht embodied the latest in absurdly luxurious transportation, taking the place of the slightly more modest superyachts of the early part of the decade.
  2. Gulfstream II. This twin-engine jet plane was built for business tycoons, but when Texas-based manufacturer Tyler Jet posted one of their models in a public auction on eBay in 2001, the record-breaking sale ballooned eBay's publicity. The airliner—which eventually sold for $4.9 million—also helped to launch eBay's new aviation section.
  3. Albert, Texas. In 2003, the small Southern hamlet was purchased by Austin resident Bobby Cave, who then posted the property on eBay four years later. Cave's initial asking price was $2.5 million, which seems unostentatious until you consider the town's population of four. Although this transaction took nearly two years, the town was finally sold to Brandon Easley, the newly elected town manager.
  4. 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card. The legend among card collectors, featuring Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop John Peter "Honus" Wagner, was purchased for a measly $600,000—measly that is, when compared to the cool $1.265 million eBay auctioneer Michael Gidwitz made off his initial investment. The price also marks the highest price ever paid for a solitary baseball card. Don't go cleaning out your attic just yet, though. There were only 50 of these cards ever made, and even the most obsessive collector would be hard-pressed to find one of these in such pristine condition.
  5. 2003 Ferrari Enzo. This dream machine is the single most expensive automobile to fly through an eBay auction (and the most expensive sale for eBay's UK site). Still to this day, some auto enthusiasts may consider its final selling price of £420,000 quite a steal.
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