5 Most Expensive Mens Breitling Watches

Breitling watches are symbols of luxury and status, so here are the 5 most expensive mens Breitling watches.  Caution, these watches cost more than what most people make in a year. Breitling watches are precision engineered for a target group of professionals wanting quality and are especially popular with airplane pilots.


  1. Breitling for Bentley Collection, Model R4436563/E516. This 18K rose gold watch comes in top of the line for Breitling’s most expensive men's watch at a whopping US $232,500 as the recommended retail price. This model is not typical of the Breitling round face, with a diamond studded rectangular face. Instead, it comes with the sought after Breitling Swiss mechanisms which make Breitling so popular.
  2. Bentley Motors Complications Collection, Model L18841Ta-B788-761P. This  Breitling watch is a manual wind, round faced timepiece. With all of the classic Breitling features including date and minute registers as well as a Tourbillon chronograph. This US $ 174,280 watch is built from platinum and clear sapphire crystal.
  3. Breitling For Bentley Collection, Model R4436563/A657. A variation on the most expensive of Breitling’s, the A657 model is still more than most of us earn in a year, coming in at US$173,500. This model is almost identical to the more expensive E516, save for the diamond encrusted face. The A657 still has its fair share of bling, with the rim of the18K rose gold face studded with diamonds.
  4. Chronomat Evolution Collection, Model K1335663-A572-3577. This is the only model of the most expensive men's Breitling watches not in the Bentley range and comes in at US$84,000. Made from yellow 18K gold, this is an uber-professional timepiece, with a 12 hour, 30 minute, central second and small second registers on the dial face. Anyone who knows what to do with all those registers would be so smart that they earn enough to actually buy the watch.
  5. Bentley Collection, Model L2936312-6627-739P. Last on the most expensive Breitling watches list is the modest-looking platinum and croc-leather number, which still hits the hip pocket hard at US$82,520. This watch is even more feature packed than the Chronomat model, with moon phase and perpetual calendars thrown in for good measure.
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