5 Most Expensive Pens

If you’re a pen collector you should take a look at our list of the 5 most expensive pens. The five most expensive pens are a mix of beautiful art, craftsmanship and mind blowing price tags. And while we can appreciate the amount of work that goes into making the five most expensive pens, we were constantly asking ourselves why would someone buy a pen that is the equivalent of a apartment or a car payment. Nevertheless, here they are:

  1. Sheaffer Roaring Twenties Collection. This is a pen that was designed for fans of art deco with money to burn. It can be made of either sterling silver or platinum and has been engraved with an art deco style mural. It’s the $975 price tag that put this on our list of the five most expensive pens.
  2. Aurora Optima Red. This is a lovely pen made out back and red marble and trimmed in chrome. At $675, it is definitely one of the five most expensive pens.
  3. Mont Blanc Virgina Woolf Limited Edition. One of the latest collectors pens in Mont Blanc’s ongoing homage to the great writers of the world. It’s made of black resin with intricate waves engraved on the barrel of the pen. The fountain pen version has a gold nib and the cap is accented with a ruby near Virginia Woolf’s signature. At $985, this one of the five most expensive pens is one that you may need to take out a loan for.
  4. Parker Dufold Makie Carp Limited Editon. This pen takes it’s design cues from the Japanese legend of the of a carp jumping from the water and turning into a dragon. It’s made with black lacquer and the design hand made of silver and gold. At $3,888, this is the mother of the five most expensive pens. 
  5. Waterman Serenite. This is by far one of the nicest of all of the five most expensive pens. Made of blue lacquer and solid silver, this pen has a curve to it that makes it look more like a miniature piece of art instead of a pen. But at $1,100, we think we would rather put our money into a nice new car instead of buying a pen.
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