5 Most Expensive Private Planes

These are the 5 most expensive private planes on the market today. Once you become rich and famous, you get to experience certain things that most never will. One of the most exciting things a rich celebrity or business tycoon can do is buy a private jet or plane. Many famous actors and actresses are known to have very expensive planes, but some of the most expensive belong to rich company heads and CEO's. Here are the best of the private planes:

  1. Boeing Business Jet Two- This private plane can cost up to a whopping 55 million dollars and belongs to only the richest of the richest. But what makes this plane so expensive? It is known for its super fast flights and size.
  2. FA- 22 Raptor- This jet is the most expensive on the market and is so incredible that it is now being used by the Air Force. It can fly incredibly fast all while being undetected by radar.
  3. G550- This pricey private plane cost up to 55 million, yet is still one of the best selling private jets available. It hits a top speed of over 500 miles per hour while seating two crew members and fourteen passengers.
  4. Grumman HU-16 Albatross- This private jet is owned by singer and song writer Jimmy Buffet. It is designed luxuriously and its interior is as nice as they come in this private plane.
  5. Air Force One- This is not only one of the most expensive private jets, but also one of the most popular private jets. It is typically a Boeing 747 200B with extra modifications to make sure it is has maximum security and is owned by only one person in the world, and that man is the president of the United States.



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