5 Most Expensive Restaurants In New York

Feel a hunger to know the five most expensive restaurants in New York? To hold the title as most expensive restaurant in New York is quite an accomplishment. New York city, which features one of the largest varieties of cuisines in the world, also has some delicious cuisine at posh prices. These five expensive restaurants successfully charge the highest prices for the highest quality of food.


  1. Masa: 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019; (212)-823-9800. Ask anyone in New York what the most expensive restaurant is, and the answer will be the same: Masa. This Japanese restaurant features an astonishing price tag for food tasting prior to wine. There is a maximum of twenty six seats available in the restaurant which speaks to its exclusivity. Why is it one of the five most expensive restaurants in New York City? Chef Masa Takayama uses the freshest of foods and often pays the cost to ensure that only the best is served.
  2. Alain Ducasse at the Essex House: 145 West 58th St., New York, NY 10019; (212) 265-7300. Formerly the most expensive restaurant in New York, this still holds the place as one of the most famous restaurants in New York. This restaurant serves succulent French cuisine that more than accounts for the hefty price tag. The menu alternates each season to ensure the freshest dishes and to ensure that it remains one of the five most expensive restaurants in New York.
  3. Serendipity 3: 225 E. 60th Street , New York, NY 10022; (212) 838-3531. Any restaurant that's in the Guiness book of World Records by serving a sixty nine dollar hotdog and a one thousand dollar ice cream sundae must also make the list of the five most expensive restaurants in New York. Family friendly, American cuisine spotlights this spot and makes it a must-try for those looking to try an expensive New York eatery.
  4. Per Se: 10 Columbus Circle # 6-REST, New York, NY 10019; (212) 823-9335. In the mood to dine at one of the five most expensive restaurans in New York, but not in the mood for Japanese? Try Per Se. The Manhattan restaurant features a delectable menu which is well worth the hefty price tag. Their signature oysters and pearls is a famous delight amount restaurant patrons. The restaurant features a warm, earthy feel that enhances the ambiance and taste of the food.
  5. Kuruma Zushi: 7 East 47th St., 2nd fl., New York, NY 10017; (212) 317-2802. Want to eat sushi from fish flown fresh from Japan? This restaurant makes fresh dining an art. Traditional Japanese flavors move to a new level. Chef Uezi leaves no stone unturned. With all of this quality, the price reflects the value of the product delivered. When looking to visit this option in the list of the five most expensive restaurants in New York, expect a small intimate setting and plenty of explosive tastes.


New York has its share of expensive restaurants. These five most expensive restaurants offer the quality taste and options to elicit continued success in the industry. Only the freshest ingredients are served, and the small and intimate settings garner the prestige of upscale New York restaurants.

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