5 Most Expensive Restaurants

Have you thought about dining in the 5 most expensive restaurants? If you are a foodie and money is no object for you, these 5 most expensive restaurants will leave you in heaven. Nothing but the best of the best at these restaurants, from the freshest quality to the finest ingredients. Indulge your taste buds at these five restaurants.

  1. Aragawa. Located in Tokyo, Aragawa is the most expensive restaurant in the world. The average meal will set you back nearly $400 dollars. Although this restaurant is not set in a luxury setting, don't be put off by it's location in the bottom of an office building. After tasting the Wagyu beef, you'll be planning a return trip to Japan. 2-15-18 Nakayamate – dori, Chuo- Ku, Kobe, 650 -0004. Phone 078/221-8547
  2. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée. This delightful restaurant is located in romantic Paris, France. The average meal at Alain Ducasse is over $200 dollars. All dishes are served al la carte. Why not start with caviar, then dine on flavorful dishes of lobster, shellfish, and truffles? Finish off your meal with decadent dessert, known to be some of the best sweets in France. Located inside of hotel Plaza Athénée, 8th Arrondissement ( Champs – Elysees / Madelieine ) Phone 01-53-67-65-00
  3. Gordon Ramsay. The only thing scary about dining at Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay's restaurant is perhaps your bill at the end of the evening. No need to fret dining at this delious London restaurant will only set you about around £ 200 U.K pounds, or $180 U.S dollars. In an intimate setting with only 13 tables, getting a seat here will be a challenge. But it's well worth it once you sink your teeth into the pan fried fillets of John Dory with carb and caviar. Make reseravtions at lest one month in advance. Phone 020/7352 -4441
  4. Acquarello. Located in Munich, Germany this Italian restaurant has a Mediterranean flare. Acquarello has everything from pasta to pigeon try, the average meal here only cost around $130 dollars. Acquarello also offers cooking classes for those foodies who love to cook. Mühlbaurstraße 36 81677 München Phone 089 470 48 48   
  5. Alberto Ciarla. Say ciao bella to this scrumptious Italian restaurant located in Rome. Dishes at Alberto Ciarla are from ancient recipes that have been passed down. The speciality at this restaurant is seafood, while throwing in Italian pasta dishes. Dine on fresh seafood  or a delious plate of spahgetti with clams. A meal at will set you back a mere $115 dollars, but in a city such a Rome, do as the Romans do and treat yourself to a meal at Alberto Ciarla.



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