5 Most Expensive Sneakers

Want to know how rich you have to be to buy one of the top five most expensive sneakers in the world? Their prices are so steep you could put a down payment on a house. Works of art can be said of these extravagant sneakers; rare, also. You want an original. You probably won't find one at a retail store so look to auction sites or find someone who is willing to sell you their pair, but don't expect to pay original price as these sneakers are much sought after footwear. 


  1. So Cal – $50,000. This is the Nike’s Air Force One converted into an 11-carat diamond overlaid sneaker donned in white, yellow or blue diamonds. This customized service by a boutique in Atlanta made its mark by introducing the most expensive sneaker in the world.
  2. Dunk Low Pro (SB) – $4,500 to $11,000. Introduced in Paris, these high-priced, beautifully designed sneakers inspired by the paintings of French artist Bernard Buffet cost a fortune, just like art. Only 202 pairs were made, so beware of knock-offs. If you’re not paying several thousand for a pair of sneakers, then it’s not the real deal.
  3. Air Zoom Kobi I – $11,000+. These are Nike Air shoes laser autographed by professional basketball player Kobe Bryant himself. Only 25 pairs of this limited edition series were made. The sneakers are not only pricey, but rare, so expect to pay through the nose. You might find one on auction sites, but make sure it’s authentic.
  4. Dunk High Pro (Flom) – $9,000+. The theme for these ritzy sneakers is “For Love or Money.” These are high top sneakers with an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front of the shoe. Only 24 were produced, making these the rarest sneakers in the world. If you find one, expect to pay triple the amount they were worth when released.
  5. Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary – $6,500+. With only 300 made expect to find these only on auction sites. White, classical leather, overpriced sneakers come with a shoe horn, shoe trees and other care products.


Boots and black, fancy dress shoes are out; cool, expensive and extravagant sneakers are in fashion. Most of these most expensive sneakers in the world are simply a work of art in their own right. Find a style that’s right for you and who knows, maybe you’ll find something close to the design, unless of course, you can shell out a few cool thousand for one of the originals.

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