5 Most Expensive Suits

Most Expensive Suits

Some men, for different egotistical reasons, wear the 5 most expensive suits. Some want to look rich while the rest want others to know that they are rich.

Most Expensive Suits Gucci

“Gucci” The Gucci suits bring the price of $2,600 or more. These suits are noteworthy of fashion design and are one of the 5 most expensive suits to wear. The number 5 is relative, though, because there are many expensive suits out there which fit the bill. Everyone wants to look as if they are the best dressed, as well as the most expensively dressed. It’s all a part of the ego culture wherein a man tries to appear more refined and luxurious than the next.

Most Expensive Suits Newman

“Newman” The Newman suit prices in at $2,500  or more. These pinstriped suits are exquisite, allowing the wearer to display a coordinated flair of fashion to his audience. Paul Newman is a person remembered by many and loved by most. The suit he used to wear paints the picture of a noble man with violet blue eyes. The suits which now carry his name present a facade of romance and evening luxury, which, given their price tags, are well worth the money. The Newman suit, though hardly hitting the high mark of the ultra-expensive suits named below, is still one of the most expensive, as well as adored, suits from the iconic periods of fashion.

Most Expensive Suits Alexander Amosu

“Alexander Amosu” The suits he creates are priced at $100,000 or more. These suits are quite impressive products of fashion and look as if a mannequin should wear them.

Most Expensive Suits Stuart Hughes

“Stuart Hughes” The suits this designer creates are jeweled with diamonds and gold. His suits sell for roughly $800,000 and up to a million-plus dollars. His designs are among the top 5 most expensive suits. One of his suits takes more than 800 hours from concept to the finishing jeweled and gold plated touches.

Most Expensive Suits Ermenegildo Zegna

“Ermenegildo Zegna” This designer’s suits run in the price range of $22,000 and are often considered the finest suits on the racks of New York.



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