5 Most Expensive Vodkas

Would you like to know the 5 most expensive vodkas on the market? Vodka was first invented in Eastern Europe. It is made from potatoes and grains. Vodka is a popular drink in Russia, Poland, Scandinavia and the Ukraine. It is best enjoyed when chilled and served cold. Expensive vodkas are made from the highest quality grains and put through a distillery process to refine the flavor. For the Vodka connoisseur, here is a list of the five most expensive vodkas in the world.

  1. Diva Premium Vodka is a product of Scotland. This little bottle comes with real diamond and gemstone flakes sealed inside the bottle. The price is a hefty $3,700.00
  2. Gold Flakes Vodka is produced in France and its selling point is that it contains 24-karat gold flakes. This expensive liquor sells in US stores for around $60.00 for a 750 ml bottle.
  3. Jewel of Russia Classic. This premium vodka is made in Russia from a combination of rye and wheat. It sells for $34.99 per liter.
  4. Armadale. This is a product of Scotland made from barley and wheat. It retails for $33.99 for 750 ml.
  5. Belvedere. Belvedere is an import from Poland. It sells here in the US for $32.99. It has a smooth flavor with a hint of vanilla.

This is just a small list of the finest and best-tasting vodkas made today. Grey Goose, Absolut, Stolichnaya and Ciroc are all good brands as well. Mixed with juice, tonic, soda or in a glass over ice, vodka is a favorite beverage enjoyed by people all over the world.



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