5 Most Famous Black Billionaires

Have you ever wondered who the 5 most famous black billionaires are? Anyone who has a net worth of at least 1 billion units of a currency; usually the US Dollar, Euro or Pound sterling is considered a billionaire. Check out the list below for the 5 most famous black billionaires around the globe.

  1. Mohammed Al Amoudi. Mohammed is a 63 year old Ethiopian who's net worth is $9,000,000,000; he is the richest black person in the world. Oil, agriculture, hotels, hospitals, finance operations and maintenance are all within his business portfolio.
  2. Aliko Dangote. Second place goes to Nigerian born Aliko, who's net worth is $3.3,000,000,000. Aliko is the founder of Dangote Group, which dominates the sugar industry in his country. He was Nigeria's first billionaire.
  3. Oprah Gail Winfrey. The 56 year old Winfrey has a net worth of over $2.5,000,000,000, she has been dubbed the first black female billionairess. Oprah is a self made billionaire who earned her fortune in television. Oprah is a US citizen, and the richest black person in North America.
  4. Michael Lee-Chin. The 59 year old Michael was born in Jamaica and also has roots in China. Michael is the second richest black person in North America with a net worth of $2.1,000,000,000. Michael is in the business of financial services, he resides in Canada where he earned his fortune.
  5. Mohammed Ibrahim. Mohammed is from the Sudan and is 64 years old, his net worth is also $2.1,000,000,000. Mohammed is the founder of one of Africa's most successful companies; Celtel International. Mohammed is in the business of wireless communications, at which he is a global expert. 

Note: All of the people on the above list are self made billionaires. 



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