5 Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

As the most-commonly asked question to tattoo artists is regarding the pain of the procedure, knowing the five most painful places to get a tattoo before you go in for fresh ink can save some stress and pain later on. No tattoo is pain free, however some areas on the body, such as those with thinner skin and less fat, are much more painful than others. These five places stand a but above the rest in terms of pain, however provide convenience later on as the tattoos in those areas can be easily concealed with clothing.

  1. Ankles and feet. While many choose tattoos on their ankles and feet as they can be easily concealed with shoes and socks, the lack of fatty tissue in the ankles and feet make getting a tattoo down there quite painful.  
  2. Eyes. One new fad becoming quite popular is the eyeball tattoo, where ink is injected into the eye itself. Not only is this quite painful, but also dangerous as when done improperly it can lead to infection or even blindness.  
  3. Behind the ear. Many think that because the area behind the ear and under the hairline is so small, a tattoo in that location should be quick and painless.  This however is not true as the skin behind the ear is very thin, making receiving a tattoo there very painful. In addition to the pain from the tattoo needle, the vibration is known to rattle the skull due to the close proximity.  
  4. Ribs. Just like the behind-the-ear tattoo, the skin near the ribcage is very thin, making a tattoo on the rib quite unpleasant. Despite the pain, as the chest and stomach are both concealed when wearing a shirt and provide a large canvas for an extensive tattoo, this is still a popular spot to get a tattoo.
  5. Pubic area. Although fatty deposits under the skin are more plentiful in the nether regions of the body, there are also many more nerves down there, making the area move sensitive. This pain is different from lower-fat areas, but is still far from pleasant.
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