5 Most Unique Mens Watches

If you love timepieces, then this list of the 5 most unique men's watches will certainly get you salivating. These five watches have their own unique design and style, and each one offers something different for the wearer to enjoy.

  1. Monaco V4. This limited edition timepiece from French watchmaker Tag Heuer is the world’s first and only belt-driven watch. This unique design allows the Monaco V4 to be more shock resistant than other watches and the micro ball bearings and belts that drive the mechanical movements require less maintenance. All of this is encased in a beautiful platinum case and an alligator leather strap.
  2. Indicator P6910. This watch, made by Porsche Design, is the world’s first chronograph with a digital stopwatch display, and can record for up to ten hours. The case is made of rose gold coated in titanium, and its band is made from elegant black leather. It took twelve watchmakers to design the Indicator P6910, and is made of 800 individual parts.
  3. Aeternitas Mega 4. The Aeternitas Mega 4, made by Franck Muller and available only in New York and Geneva, is considered the most complicated timepiece in existence. Not only does this watch chime the Carillon Westminster melody every hour, it also displays three time zones, has a 999 year calendar, and is comprised of 1,483 components.
  4. Sky Moon Tourbillion. The Sky Moon Tourbillion, created by Swiss company Patek Philippe, is the only double-faced wristwatch on this list and features a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater, and a display of sidereal time. Its reverse side displays the motion of the stars, the orbit of the moon, and the moon phases. 
  5. Fibonacci Pocket Watch. This unique pocket watch, designed by Swiss company Parmigiani Fleurier, can take up to two years to manufacture. It features a case that is decorated with a lotus flower (representing Fibonacci Golden Rule), white gold dials, mother-of-pearl counters, and intricate cathedral chimes.
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