5 Most Unsafe Vehicles of the Decade

Does your car make an appearance on the list of the top five most unsafe vehicles of the decade? Read on to find out.

  1. Wildfire Motors. While few American auto-owners bothered with purchasing this three-wheeled enclosed motorcycle from its Chinese manufacturer, the Wildfire motors creation did go home with a few Chinese owners who quickly discovered the vehicle is unable to travel at speeds over 45 miles per hour and incapable of staying balanced on its single, front tire, making it a very unsafe vehicle.
  2. Buick Rendezvous. If the word “rendezvous” did not sound dangerous enough, then it definitely sounds like an unsafe vehicle now that the Buick Rendezvous finds its spot as the fourth most unsafe vehicle of the decade. The Rendezvous was Buick’s attempt at a sports utility vehicle, which ultimately failed and became the most unsafe vehicle in a 2007 crash test study.
  3. Nissan Frontier. Donned as the first cousin to the infamous Ford Pinto, the Nissan Frontier became the butt of several jokes when it scored low on both rear and front crash tests. The Nissan Frontier premiered its unsafe qualities in 2000 with a defective seat back and continued to receive failed improvements throughout the decade.
  4. Toyota Yaris. Though the Toyota Yaris, like many other unsafe cars, boasts great gas mileage, it may not be worth the fuel efficiency if you frequently travel slick or icy roads. The Yaris tested poorly on wet and wintry roads and had less than ideal results on side-impact crash testing.
  5. Ford Focus. Topping the list, as the most unsafe vehicle of the decade is the Ford Focus. Without a crumble zone, cramped conditions for the driver and the lack of any side air bags, there is no reason to wonder why the Focus owns this infamous title, especially if you look at the horrendous crash test ratings the Focus received throughout the decade.



Five Least Safe Vehicles of The Decade

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