5 Most Useful Gadgets

These 5 most useful gadgets just make life easier. Just about every new gadget on the market comes with Internet ready access. However some are not really all that necessary. Here is a list of our top five picks for the most useful gadgets available.

  1. The number one choice hands down goes to a cell phone. Not just any old cell phone though, you're going to want a smart phone, especially for those of you who are consistently on the go. Smart phones are excellent choices because many of them have full QWERTY keyboards, that allow you to type out emails, text, and browse the Internet with ease.
  2. A netbook is also a very useful gadget to have these days. Netbooks are very lightweight, they are easy to use, come with a full keyboard to type out your emails, documents, and they allow for much easier Internet browsing than a smart phone. What makes them so desirable, is that many netbooks sell for half of what you would pay for a laptop.
  3. Next is the Kindle, which you can purchase from Amazon. The reason these e-readers are so useful is because you can easily take them with you on the go, it saves trees, and is a lot easier to handle than a standard book is. Amazon also has thousands of e-books to pick from, most are very low in price compared to what you would pay for the paperback; not only that, but the Kindle allows you to store thousands of books in it.
  4. The Wifi shirt is also a really neat, yet slightly geeky item. This gadget however is so neat though, because while you are on the go, a status light on the actual shirt will let you know if you are within a wifi signal. This takes the guesswork out of everything. You can buy wifi signal detectors in other forms as well, but how neat would a shirt be? It's such a convenient and cool gadget because you can wear it.
  5. Last but not least is a universal remote. The Harmony One by Logitech is an excellent choice because you can easily sync all of your electronics into the remote for easy and fast access to the electronic. Instead of fumbling around with a bunch of different remotes, a universal remote will eliminate the need to rummage through your remotes to find the one you need, because everything is stored right in one. It's a perfect, and useful solution to your remote control clutter.
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