5 Motorcycle Sex Tips

Need 5 motorcycle sex tips to spice up your two-wheeled love life? For a motorcycle enthusiast, the sex experience on a bike is often a fantasy. When it comes to fruition, it can be disappointing if inexperience plays a roll. The possible positions are not always easy to execute and balance is sometimes a needed piece of the puzzle. Use these tips to make the experience the best it can be without regretting it later.

  1. Not in public. The first motorcycle sex tip is to make sure the area you choose offers the necessary privacy. Public nudity is against the law in all states. The charge can range from a ticket to jail time. If a minor happens to cross paths with your escapade, you can actually end up with a sex offender label for the rest of your life. Avoid legal issues by choosing to only have motorcycle sex in areas where there is no danger of being viewed by others. A privacy fenced area or a thickly wooded area is preferable to the open road. If you are having "rolling sex", choose a road less traveled at a time when traffic is non-existent.
  2. Rev it up. A motorcycle sex tip that might not have crossed your mind is to leave the engine running with the bike in park. The vibration of the engine acts like an over-sized sex toy for both participants. Rev the engine up and the intensity of sex rises.
  3. Doggie-Style. Often, motorcycle sex is thought of as the woman facing the man on the bike. This motorcycle sex tip tells you to turn the lady around and go doggie style. With the woman in the front seat leaning over the gas tank, the motion of sex is natural.
  4. Get off. This motorcycle sex tip tells men to get off the bike. Sit the lady on the seat facing you controlling the throttle of the bike. Stand in front of her or even attempt it from behind with the bike on the center stand.
  5. Try oral. The final motorcycle sex tip is to try oral on the bike. Ladies lay on the tank with their feet over the handle bars. This gives them easy access to the right male parts.
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