5 Movie Drinking Games

These 5 movie drinking games are an easy way to get the party started. Movie drinking games are a popular way of consuming alcohol amongst your friends. These movie drinking games work well with a variety of films, and are a lot of fun to play. So, the next time you have your buddies over for drinks and a favorite film, try out one of these easy to play movie drinking games.

  1. Character Names. This is one of the easiest movie drinking games. All you have to do is drink whenever a characters name (or nickname) is said throughout the entirety of the film. Another awesome variation on this movie drinking game is to assign each of the participants a different characters name, so each person has to drink whenever their particular assigned character's name is said.
  2. Cursing. There are a number of films with curse words aplenty, so when watching a curse word laden film, this is one of the best movie drinking games to play. You can either drink whenever any curse word is said (if there are not so many, this would probably be the better alternative), or you could drink whenever a particular curse word i said.
  3. Drinking Characters. If you're watching a film with your friends that includes a good amount of drinking amongst the actresses and/or actors, drink whenever the characters are drinking. This is a fun and easy movie drinking game that is great for party themed comedies.
  4. Musicals. This is another incredibly easy movie drinking game. When watching a musical style film, drink whenever the characters break into song. You can also drink at the beginning and ends of the songs, as well, if you desire.
  5. Songs within Films. For this movie drinking game, each time a new song comes on during the duration of the film, the participants drink. This is another one of the easiest movie drinking games that is fun to play with friends.
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