5 Movie Stars In The 1930s Who Posed Nude

Have you wondered who the 5 movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude are? When we think of movie stars posing nude, we usually think of modern day celebrities posing for adult magazines or leaking their sex tapes to the internet. However, movie stars taking it off for the cameras isn’t restricted to modern history or the blond bombshells of the 50s and 60s. The movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude featured some of the best named actresses in Hollywood before they made it big. The 5 movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude may be a bit surprising, but it shows that taking it off for the camera has helped people get discovered since the inception of cinema.

  1. Bette Davis (1908-1989)- Bette Davis became known as one of the 5 movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude during a Playboy interview in more than 50 years later, in 1982. In that interview, Bette Davis said that when she was younger, she posed nude for an artist who would eventually carve her figure into a statue in Boston, MA. Bette Davis never disclosed the name of the artist or where in Boston the statue ended up, and to this day people in Boston try to figure out where this statue is.
  2. Mae West (1893-1980)- Known throughout her career for her sexually charged double entendre, it should be no surprise that Mae West is among the 5 movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude. Unlike most of the movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude—most posed for art photos early in their careers—Mae West commissioned the nude paintings and photos herself.
  3. Jean Harlow (1911-1937)- It should be no surprise that Jean Harlow makes the list of 5 movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude. Posing nude was only one of the many scandals that followed Jean Harlow throughout her brief career. Like a lot of actresses who posed nude during the 1930s, these photos where art photos that were taken before she was discovered as an actress.
  4. Claudette Colbert (1903-1996)- Unlike the rest of our 5 movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude, Claudette Colbert’s nude moment happened on screen. The opening scene of a nude Claudette Colbert rising out of a bathtub in the Cecile B. DeMille classic “Sign of the Cross” is one of the more memorable moments in pre-code movie history.
  5. Tullualah Bankhead (1902-1968)- The always outspoken Tullulah Bankhead makes our list of 5 movie stars in the 1930s who posed nude, not for her one screen performances, but for her off screen exploits. A well known exhibitionist, Tullulah Bankhead loved to walk around in the nude and like Mae West, had several paintings of herself nude commissioned during her life time.



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