5 Muay Thai Training Drills

Muay Thai is a wicked tool for conditioning and self-defense and learning these five Muay Thai training drills will get you well on your way. Training for Muay Thai takes more than the physical aspects of the sport, it also takes self-reflection and discipline. These five Muay Thai training routines will take all aspects of the port to heart and get you ready to perform. Muay Thai is a fabulous way to stay fit of body and mind. Those serious about Muay Thai understand what it provides and respect the sport. If you have what it takes and you want to begin a routine in Muay Thai read on and give it a try.

  1. Conditioning and physical fitness. This is easily the most overlook aspect of training. You need to be in top condition to perform Muay Thai, even on a casual level. Conditioning and physical fitness include such routines as, jumping rope, running and calisthenics.
  2. Striking training. This will provide strength of the strike and works accuracy if trained properly. Using such apparatus as focus mitts and speed bags will work your striking speed and accuracy. While using teardrop bags and heavy bags will work your power.
  3. Kicking training. This is composed of using foot and shin strikes. Work the footwork as you do the hands, working speed and accuracy as well as power. Additionally, take the kicking training time to work on the resilience of your shins. Legs are a very vulnerable spot on a Muay Thai fighter, so use this time well.
  4. Knee strikes training. This will provide an important component of Muay Thai fighting. Close range conflict involves rapid and devastating knee strikes. From simple strikes to your opponents thighs and midsection to head clenches with knee risers. Knees are very important part of your arsenal.
  5. Sparring training. This is a real deal training tool for Muay Thai. Round out your training with a healthy bit of sparring. There is no substitute for, albeit subdued, real life action.
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