5 Muay Thai Training Techniques

If you are interested in a beginning training workout for Muay Thai boxing, these 5 Muay Thai training techniques can help you. This quick and fun workout can be competed in around 35 to 40 minutes and provides a solid base for all of your Muay Thai workouts in the future.

  1. Shadow Boxing is a great way to start your Muay Thai training. Start each session by punching for one minute at low intensity.  After one minute, switch it up with three more minutes at a higher intensity. Complete two sets of the punch types below, with a minute break between each set. You should feel pretty winded by the time you have finished shadowing boxing. You can try any combination of the following punches: Left Straight, Right Straight, Left Hook, Right Hook, Jab, Left Upper Cut or Right Upper Cut. For beginners choose two that works the different sides of the body equally. For the more advanced fighter you can do more types of punches for each set.
  2. Every good Muay Thai training workout needs to include focus mitts. Focus mitts will help you develop the accuracy needed to become a good Muay Thai fighter. You should include two sets of three minutes allowed for each set. Take a one minute break between sites. You will need a partner to hold the mitts for you.
  3. The next part of your Muay Thai training workout should include Thai pad strikes concentrating on your kicks, knees and shin attacks. Again, do three minutes of Thai pad strikes, rest for a minute, then follow with another three minutes of these types of attacks, Make sure that you are performing all of the strikes correctly. Concentrate for a more effective workout.
  4. The next step for an effective Muay Thai workout is to combine the punches and the kicks with the heavy bag. Do two sets of three minutes, each with a minute break between sets. Make sure that your selection of punches and legwork is logical and well balanced. The heavy bag section of the workout should just about drain the last of your energy.
  5. Cool down from your Muay Thai workout. You can cool down from your workout by doing a medium intensity activity such as joging or jumping rope. Complete a five minute cool down and take a rest.
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