5 Muslim Speed Dating Tips

These 5 Muslim speed dating tips will all guide you to have an enjoyable time while speed dating. Whether you're looking for a serious relationship or a casual encounter, these tips will definitely help you find the right person. If you want a fun and smooth experience, you should definitely consider these tips.

  1. Be polite: Fast does not mean rude. Focus on keeping a polite demeanor while talking to each person. You may find it also helps you to get to know everyone better at the same time.
  2. Do not rush: Just like with any other speed dating, do not try and rush just because it's speed dating. If you try to say everything in five seconds, you won't learn anything about the other person. Take an even pace so you can understand each Muslim date.
  3. Do not pry: If you function into an area of discussion the person seems to dislike, do not push it. Keep a cordial distance as you try to find out more about this person. If all else fails, you know you always have religion in common.
  4. Ask questions, tell stories: Find out about each person, focusing on what interests you. Also be sure to be engaging and make sure you find out whether they have just as much a sense of humor and fun as you do. This is your time to quickly understand each person carefully.
  5. Make your intentions clear: If you are only looking for a casual encounter, do not lie or mislead the individual. This does not mean you have to explicitly and immediately explain your intentions, but don't deceive anyone either. Honesty really is one of the best Muslim speed dating tips you can follow.
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