5 Must-Do Bachelor Party Activities

Bachelor parties are one of the first things guys think of when it comes time for someone to tie the knot, so here are 5 must-do bachelor party activities. Bachelor parties are notorious for getting wild and raunchy. While that may still be the case these days, it's also common to attend a bachelor party that's centered around sports, a bachelor party that's a BBQ potluck or even a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Any combination of these must-do bachelor party activities will work, as well as just one activity alone.

  1. Strippers. Ask any person what they think of when they think of a bachelor party, and the general consensus will be "STRIPPERS!" There are a few ways to cover the bases if it's decided that strippers will be a part of the evening. Strip clubs are always a good choice. The club-like setting of the venue will make it feel like a social outing, and probably put the bride more at ease. The other route that can be taken is privately hiring some strippers for the night. If you decide to hire your own entertainment, be sure that your venue is stripper friendly. Whichever way you decide, don't forget the one dollar bills to tip the dancers with!
  2. Pub crawl. A pub crawl is almost as common of a backdrop for bachelor parties as strip clubs. If a pub crawl is your chosen activity for the night, it's wise to hire transportation, such as a limo or party bus. The last thing a bachelor party needs is one of the attendees getting charged with a DUI, or even worse, getting involved in a traffic accident. If a pub crawl is on your agenda for the night, be sure to eat a decent meal beforehand, and prepare yourself for several things: someone winding up in the gutter, someone getting rowdy and out of hand and probably more than one person with their head in a toilet for an hour or two.
  3. An outing to a fantastic steak restaurant in town. Steak will probably be forever known as the typical man's meal. Steak is hearty and manly, yet can still be an extravagant meal for a special occasion. While it isn't expected that the host pay for everyone in attendance to eat (everyone should help with the cost), the groom is not to pay for anything. A fitting end to a fancy steak dinner would be a trip to a cigar bar to sip on scotch or whiskey and smoke cigars, while reminiscing about the groom's past girlfriends and old experiences together.
  4. Box seats at a sporting event. Scoring box seats to any sporting event is usually an event that's cause for celebration. This time, it will be the other way around. Find a home game in your area and splurge on a box for the event. Baseball, basketball, football—anything the groom enjoys. The groom will certainly approve of enjoying a game with his best buddies, especially when the game is enjoyed from one of the best seats in the house.
  5. Joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Having a joint celebration is a surefire way to guarantee that nobody will be getting into trouble, and there will be no need to keep secrets from the bride or groom. A joint celebration will work especially well if both the bride and groom have a similar personality. Plan the night accordingly. If the bride and groom are both okay with the idea of strippers, then by all means, take them to a strip club for the night. If they're the quiet types, a backyard BBQ should do the trick. The sky is the limit with bachelor parties of all kinds.
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