5 Must-Have Lowrider Accessories

If you love classic cars with an edge, you should learn about 5 must-have lowrider accessories. The lowrider is a car that has had the suspension system modified to ride low to the ground and is equipped with features that make the car stand out. Most often a lowrider car is not a street-legal vehicle. Most of these cars are from the 1950's and 1960's.
  1. A headlight fender visor is one of the lowrider accessories that are available. This accessory is made of chrome steel and measures around 7-1/2”. It usually was found on cars from the 1950's.
  2. A lowrider accessory that was popular in the late 1950's is the hand spot light. These lights were powered by way of the cigarette lighter. It is now very popular to have this accessory on your lowrider.
  3. An accessory that was all the rage in cars of the 1940's is the umbrella holders. This option is now a must have on all lowrider cars and is very hard to find. This holder was usually made of chrome and matched the interior of the car.
  4. A real cool accessory on cars in the 1950's was a record player. This lowrider accessory is now the rage. It is very hard to find since there are not many records left today. The player will skip while playing due to the road conditions.
  5. A gas door guard is a must have lowrider accessory. This was a feature on cars in the 1960's. The purpose of the guard was to keep the gas pump nozzle from scratching the paint on the car. This would be a great feature on cars today.
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