5 Must-Haves: Air Travel Accessories

Let's be honest, travelling is fun but very stressful, unless you pack these five must-have air travel accessories. You will be more prepared than those stuffing their evidence of last minute packing through the x-ray machines and those who forget to wear slip-on shoes. With these handy must haves for air travel, you'll be coasting through the chaos smoother than you can say "Hawaiian vacation".

Must Have Air Travel Accessory #1: Noise Cancelling Headphones
These bad boys will pay for themselves the second you easily tune out the screaming baby in front of you. Poor thing is suffering because his or her ears are popping, but you are cruising down easy street and able to listen to every word of the movie. Don't be tempted to wear these through the x-ray machines though – you'll only garner hairy eyeballs as you delay the people behind you.

Must Have Air Travel Accessory #2: "Spinner" Luggage
Say goodbye to the post-air travel backache! Also known as the luggage with a collapsible handle, four wheels at the base and 360 degree turnaround functionality. Gone are the days of stooping to lift your heavy (probably over-packed) bags. Now you can trolley your possessions alongside you, no heavy lifting, and gain the instant "I'm a seasoned traveller" look.

Must Have Air Travel Accessory #3: a Quart-Sized Zip Lock Bag
Pack your own ahead of time and again, you're laughing your way through the security checks. Remember the 3-1-1- rule for shorter trips: No more than 3 ounces of liquid or gel, 1 quart-sized bag to hold your essentials in, and 1 bag per traveller. When in doubt, pack it in your check-in luggage, but honestly, where are you really going where you can't just buy it when you get there?

Must Have Air Travel Accessory #4: A Dual-Faced Watch

There are some pretty sexy looking ones on the market, but this accessory will save you time and your own patience when you're wondering "why am I hungry again? Is it lunchtime where I just flew from?" or "If I check in with the missus, will I wake the baby?". Not to mention timing connecting flights and reaching the gate before it closes. Be on time every time with a dual faced watch.

Must Have Air Travel Accessory #5: Frequent Flyer Miles

There's got to be a really good reason why you'd cram yourself into a tiny seating compartment for any extended period of time, and here it is. Most airlines will have one, or belong to an alliance of frequent flyer miles. The bad news is that sometimes, you're not allowed to use those miles you earned on business for personal use. All the more reason to apply for your own accounts well ahead of time: organize yourself and your points and you'll soon ace the art of super cheap travel.

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