5 Myths About Hot Women

While you're busy fantasizing, you're actually creating myths about hot women in your brain. The myths grow and fester and at the end of the day you end up creating your own mental obstacle course. Myths about hot women are plenty in this world, but if you want to have a chance with one, you've got to plant your feet on the ground and see them for what they are: myths.Here's a look at the top 5 myths about hot women you're too crazy to see are just plain silly.

Myths About Hot Women 1: She so hot, she won't go home with you.
Here's a new tactic: leave the cheesy pickup lines outside and try a good humored, old fashioned (and clean) joke. A study published in The Daily Telegraph, reported, "Men really can laugh women into bed, because a sense of humour makes them seem more intelligent, psychologists have found."

Myths About Hot Women 2: Hot women can't hold a conversation.
Where's that wrong answer buzzer when you need one? Fabulous looking women can have some pretty fabulous brains as well. Hollywood honeys have their fair share of hard-earned degrees, too. Check out our Top 10 Brainy Babes from last month.

Myths About Hot Women 3: Hot women can come between you and the game.

Whether "the game" means sports to you, or your figurative "game" in your career, or your "game" on the playing field of dating, you're thinking she might interfere. One second it's all batting eyelids and blushing, the next she wants to know why you hate visiting her mother every Sunday. But don't underestimate the power of a hot woman at your side through all of these. Dating a hot chick could actually improve your reputation in all areas, as people look at you and wonder, "Well, if he scored that…"

Myths About Hot Women 4: Hot women  look for an accessory, not a boyfriend.

This can sometimes tie into Myth 3, because increasingly it's the chicks who are looking to score a hot dude. Have no fear in this department, fellas. The hottest guys (and therefore the best catches) are the ones who flash a winning smile of confidence and open doors for their ladies. So pile on your good manners and seld esteem and this myth will make itself disappear, all on its own.

Myths About Hot Women 5: Hot women don't enjoy IT as much as you do/will.
Huh? Honestly. Take your time to study your "material" and she'll let you know what she likes or doesn't like. Just like any subject at school, you've just got to do a little homework before you can ace that test. If she doesn't now, she will once you've put in the study time.



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