5 Naruto Sad Songs

It would be an understatement to say that "Naruto" is one of the saddest anime ever to become popular, this is why there are 5 "Naruto" sad songs that has made quite an impact in many parts of the world. Now, these five songs have actually gathered many fans. As a matter of fact, these songs have made a really big part of the whole "Naruto" series. In turn, the main character is not the only one that has coveted quite some tears but also the other characters that make up for the whole story.

  1. "Sadness and Sorrow" by Toshiro Masuda. The song is the top choice for the saddest "Naruto" song. The instrumental is very mellow and can touch anyone’s heart. On top of that, it can actually bring forth many memories that make "Naruto" one of the well-loved characters ever. On the other hand, the song keeps a full audience with its international appeal. There are many versions of this "Naruto" sad song already including a piano version and a guitar acoustic version.
  2. "Loneliness" by Toshiro Masuda. This is a "Naruto" soundtrack that makes up for the river of tears that most fans have shed. The soundtrack alone is enough to identify the show. This song also gives out the underlying theme of sadness all along the series. As a matter of fact, there are many who are able to get floods of memories with the original series because of this song. It would already set the theme for the initial series. Still, it would not only serve as a tear jerker and a soundtrack but also one that has made "Naruto" sad songs eternally popular.
  3. "Night fall." This is another sadly themed song from the series. Even if this song is relatively short, there is sadness that it conveys because it usually pertains to the misunderstood villains of the series. As much as others would not agree, there is a part of them that would say that the villains only became such because of the past experiences. Some would refer to the same as ‘emptiness’ because of the empty feeling that is conveyed while it was being played.
  4. "Despair" by Toshiro Masuda. This is another instrumental music part of the "Naruto" series. The characters Itachi and Jiraiya have become one of the most loved characters too. Their death associated with this music jerked tears for more than a few fans. As a matter of fact, even if the music is short, the sadness conveyed directly through the heart. The guitar versions of this "Naruto" sad song are also good but not as sad as the original version.
  5. "Tragic." The tragic story of "Naruto" is probably an understatement. However, the song is not just as a tribute to the whole story. More so, this song gives justice more to the other characters that have died in battle. In some of the parts, "Naruto" in their funeral and some other parts of the battle ahead. The strong ending, however, gives a more hopefully stronger ascent to the series.
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