5 Natural Aphrodisiacs For Women

Listed below are 5 natural aphrodisiacs for women. Aphrodisiacs are aromas that can lead to arousal and many of the best ones for women are historically proven and have been years for centuries. The best sexual stimulant scents are natural and come from wild plants that have very unique and pleasant aromas that can get people in the mood.

  1. Ylang Ylang This is a blend of jasmine, rose, bergamot (which contains a jasmine blended with other scents) and citrus and it is an intoxicatingly arousing aphrodisiac for women. The aroma is very unique and very pleasant, making it very erogenous and great at turning women on.
  2. Jasmine A type of shrub closely related to the olive tree, jasmine has an aroma that is a perfect aphrodisiac for women. Sprays and oils that capture the essence of the scent of jasmine are excellent turn-ons for ladies.
  3. Neroli Oil Neroli is an oil that is made from orange and it has a very sweet and pleasant scent, making it one of the top aphrodisiacs for women. Like jasmine, its scent is often combined with other natural extracts to make powerful aphrodisiac blends that are nothing short of irresistible
  4. Bergamot Like ylang ylang (in which it is used), bergamot is one of the top natural aphrodisiacs for women that is made by blending other extracts. Lemon, neroli and jasmine are the main ingredients in this powerfully seductive aroma. The result of the blending is a very sweet and natural smell.
  5. Vanilla Vanilla, which is extracted from orchids, is another very powerful natural aphrodisiac for women that stimulates arousal. It has a very unique scent that is soothing and almost flavorful.

Listed above are five natural aphrodisiacs for women. All of them are formed only by use of extracts of plants, some of which may be blended to make unique scents. These are all great scents for turning women on, as there is something sexual about their powerful, natural aromas.

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