5 Natural Male Enhancement Techniques

These 5 natural male enhancement techniques can be used to increase the size of your member. There are many different types of male enhancement products. Some methods such as pills can have side effects while others like suction can cause injuries. Natural male enhancement techniques offer a safe alternative without troubling side effects or risk of harm.

  1. The Basic Stretch. It is important to warm up the muscles in your penis and get blood flowing through the shaft. This is a natural male enhancement technique that will create an elongated penis. It is also easy to do and there is no risk of injury if followed correctly. Your member should be flaccid before performing this exercise. Stand up and gently lift your penis with your hands. You should not pull on it. Hold the penis in a horizontal stretch for approximately 30 seconds. Gently bring your penis back to starting position. Continue doing the basic stretch for a total of five repetitions. 
  2. Jelquing. In order to entrap blood in the penis to maintain a larger size for an extended period of time you need to hold your member firmly at the base of the penis and slowly slide it to the tip of your shaft. It should take up to three minutes to slide your hand up your member. Continue to do this as many times as you would like. You should notice more girth and be able to feel the blood flow in your penis. This techniques can be performed as often as
  3. Horizontal Exercise. This natural male enhancement techniques is used with two hands. Simply take the base of the penis with the left hand and press firmly. Place your other hand underneath the tip of the penis. Begin the exercise by sliding your right hand down the shaft until it meets your other hand. Then, slowly bring your hand back up again toward the tip. You may continue to do this as much as you would like.
  4. Massager. Using this device is a natural way to stimulate the penis and get blood flowing to your member. It is a natural male enhancement techniques that has no harmful side effects. You can perform penis exercises with it to increase girth and length.
  5. PC Clenches. The PC muscles control the flow of urine and can increase blood flow to the penis. PC clenches can entrap the blood and oxygen into the shaft. To perform these exercise correctly simply hold the PC muscle until the blood flows to your erect penis causing it to expand. This natural male enhancer can be performed up to 150 times a day. However, beginners should aim for just 50 clenches.

If you are looking for natural male enhancement techniques, you can increase blood flow and oxygen to your shaft without using pills, creams, or vacuum suction devices. Look for gentle, safe solutions.

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