5 Natural Remedies for Jock Itch

If you’ve got that telltale burning and itching, try one of these 5 natural remedies for jock itch. While it’s easier to just pop a pill, natural cures are healthier and often much cheaper. The trick is to be consistent: natural treatments need to be used daily for the best results. Don’t stop using them until the jock itch symptoms have been absent for several days. Because they are similar, athlete's foot can also be treated by all of these natural remedies. Also remember that severe cases of jock itch should always be treated by a doctor.

  1. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is famous for its anti-fungal properties. For centuries it has been used to treat athlete’s foot and other common fungi. Treat jock itch by applying tea tree oil directly to the infected area every day. It smells pretty bad, but it’s likely to work.
  2. Garlic Another smelly option is garlic. Make an ointment out of two blended or mashed garlic cloves and a cup of olive oil. Make a compress by soaking a paper towel in the mixture and then squeezing out the excess liquid. Apply the compress to the infected area daily. Eating raw garlic is always a good health tip, too, and can convince the jock itch fungus that you are inhospitable.
  3. Cornstarch Applying cornstarch is another way to drive jock itch away. To use, powder the infected areas at least once a day.
  4. Salt or Vinegar Bath Both salt and vinegar help kill the jock itch, so adding either to your bath is a great natural remedy. Putting on some good music and relaxing in a hot salt or vinegar bath sounds like a great treatment!
  5. Acidophilus This bacteria, prevalent in human stomachs, competes with other microbes, including the jock itch fungus. It has no harmful side effects, but is a more expensive treatment than the others listed.

Once you’ve gotten rid of your jock itch, remember that the best ways to keep it at bay are to only wear clean jockstraps and underwear, wear loose fitting clothing, keep your groin area dry and shower daily.


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