5 Naughty Christmas Gifts

A sleigh in the sky is packed with 5 naughty Christmas gifts and a horny Santa is delivering his naughty goodies to make your Christmas the most wicked and satisfying possible. If you have been a bad boy, here is a list of Christmas presents you may want to write in your letter to Santa.       

  1. A Penis, Breast or Ass Piñata Become the sensation of your Christmas party and provoke a good laugh among your friends by hosting a naughty party with these original piñatas. You can find them on eBay or any website selling piñatas—the website should have a “hidden” section where they offer these products. The best part is the endless number of goodies to fill these piñatas: naughty candies, condoms, bras, panties, gift cards to local sex shops, miniature bottles of spirits, your business card for a blind date, etc. Prepare to have fun and shoot the best pictures. Guests love to pose with the piñata. Women are very good at this—they kiss the piñata and imprint their lips on it, hold it, mount it, etc. You need to order your piñata with at least ten days of anticipation, depending on the provider’s delivery service. A naughty piñata is a guaranteed success at any adult party. 
  2. A Penis Toothbrush Do you remember the old times when your mom threatened to wash your mouth out with soap if you kept saying bad words? Well, tell your girlfriend that you agree with mom. Ladies shouldn’t say bad words. To prove it, give her a penis toothbrush to wash their dirty mouths. Mom will surely appreciate it! The penis toothbrushes are sold in your local sex shop (or online) and they are very inexpensive. Get at least ten!    
  3. A Butt Painting Set Face painting is definitely popular at local festivals. Long lines of people await their turn to get some colorful shapes on their faces. Buy a regular face painting set at any hobby store, but substitute the label on the package with one that says: “Butt Painting.” And mean it. You may not be a skilled artist, but you can certainly find some inspiration and paint some designs on your partner’s behind. Can’t you? Try it. Perhaps there is an artist hidden inside you. 
  4. Sex Shop Gift Card If you want something more personal and intimate, give your sex partner a gift card to select what she would like and let her surprise you with her choice. Or go together and choose from the variety of naughty gifts they have.
  5. Combo Naughty Christmas A basket packed with massage oils, candles, couples sexual games, sexy clothes, a gift card to an intimate restaurant or bar, condoms, sex toys, a bottle of wine or two fancy glasses topped with a huge red bow would be a Christmas gift that will give you hours and hours of pleasure.


  • Don’t be obvious. Wrap your naughty Christmas gifts with ordinary Christmas paper. Surprise and confuse the object of your affection. Make her think that you are giving her chocolates.
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