5 Naughty Dares

Sometimes it can be fun to play a naughty game of truth or dare but it can be hard to think of what to do, so here are 5 naughty dares that might just help you out. If anything, you'll certainly have fun trying a few of these and who knows, you might just get lucky with these. At the very least you should be able to get some excellent naughty dares ideas.

  1. Public nudity. This is one of the more exciting naughty dares that can be fun for either gender. If you lose the dare then you have to run outside naked and if she loses, that's just a plus for you to enjoy.
  2. Kiss someone of the same sex. This might not be for everyone, especially if you are the one being dared. If you play it to your advantage however, you can throw this dare out there for the girls in on the game. It'll be exciting to see who will take you up on that dare and if the other girl will go along with it too.
  3. Take off panties. If you're out with your girl alone and want to dare her to do something fun, dare her to take off her panties in the restroom and come back to the table without them. This works best if she's wearing a dress, skirt or short shorts, of course. For even more fun, have her pleasure herself in the restroom or with her hands under the table so no one can see.
  4. Public discipline. Daring her to let you spank her in public is a really hot dare that can be especially thrilling because others can see what is going on. Obviously you have to make sure you're in an environment where this will come off as acceptable. It's definitely not something you will want to do in any area where kids are going to be but what about a bar or night club?
  5. A blow job in public. This is one you have to be extra careful with so you don't get in any trouble. There are ways to act this one out such as an empty movie theater or a public swimming pool where no one is around. Dare her to go down on you and even if the area you are in is empty, there is still the excitement of getting caught or doing something so hot right out in the open.

Hopefully you can think of variations on these 5 naughty dares but at the very least you should be able to think of something sexy and exciting the next time you're playing a little truth or dare with your girl.

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