5 Naughty Sex Ideas

Ah, when trying to think of the best five naughty sex ideas, it was hard to really pick a top five. There are just so many ways that you can add in a bit of naughty to your sex life. But alas, here are the top five naughty sex ideas that should add a bit of spice and a lot of fun to your sex life.

  1. Kinky Sex. Nothing says naughty more than spanking, biting and kinky sex. The more kinky you get the more naughty your sex can be too. Make sure that you know just how far you plan on going; after all it's not a good thing to bring too much blood to the skin!
  2. Role playing. Again a great addition to the five naughty sex ideas is to role play a bit. You can buy costumes all over the place to work them into some very naughty sex sessions too. For example, the school girl and teacher is a great way to play out a fantasy you may have had while in school too!
  3. Toys. Buying sex toys is another great way to have naughty sex, and it makes the five naughty sex ideas easily. Get a few different toys that you can use for kinky sex. If you have a steady partner, have them go along and pick out sex toys to use on your or for you to use on them.
  4. Bondage. Now really, light bondage isn't bad for people who really have never thought about this as one of the five naughty sex ideas before. You will have to have a word that will be used to stop the action. Take it slow and learn just how much you or your partner can handle with bondage though; you don't want to get hurt while having sex.
  5. Anal Sex. Most definitely an easy addition to the five naughty sex ideas that you should try. Use lubrication before you try to enter your partner's anus though, otherwise you'll be having painful sex not naughty sex.

Try these out as the best five naughty sex ideas and see how you like them.

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