5 Nautical Star Tattoo Ideas

Making the decision to get a nautical star tattoo is a big deal, so you will want to make sure you choose one of these amazing 5 nautical star tattoo ideas. Many people get a nautical star tattoo simply because they look cool, while others get a nautical star done because it means something special to them. Either way, getting one of these nautical star-themed tattoo ideas done is sure be a special and memorable experience.

  1. Nautical star with angel wings. This is a great idea for a nautical star tattoo for someone who wants a tattoo in remembrance of a loved one who has passed away. The angel wings can be placed on either side of the nautical star or running through the star. Another version of this would be to have angel wings circling the nautical star.
  2. Nautical star with a ribbon. While many people are hesitant to get a wife or girlfriend's name tattooed on them, this tattoo idea is a good one if you want to place a child's name on the ribbon. A ribbon in the center and on both sides of the nautical star is a great idea for people who would like to put three different children's names on their tattoo. Besides a name, the ribbon can also be inked with a person's favorite saying.
  3. Nautical star with an anchor. Since the nautical star has long been associated with service at sea and members of the United States Armed Forces, this is a great tattoo idea for someone who has served in the Navy. The anchor can be placed beside the nautical star or it can be lifting the star. To make it even more special, waves can be added to the tattoo.
  4. Nautical star with dice. This nautical star tattoo idea is great for a person who loves to gamble. Adding fire to this tattoo can symbolize that you're on a hot gambling streak. Adding a scene, such as a beach scene, is also a great way to make this tattoo idea unique. Some people might like to add the name of their favorite casino to their nautical-star-and-dice tattoo for added luck.
  5. Nautical star with the sun. The nautical star tattoo possibilities are endless with this idea. The sun can be flaming, the nautical star can be placed inside or beside the sun, or the nautical star and a moon can be placed inside the sun.
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