5 NBA Players’ Homes That Are Bigger Than Their Egos


While many are dealing with foreclosure and loss of home value, this hasn't caused people to lose interest in the larger than life NBA players' homes. Why? Because the average person likes to keep up with the non-ordinary. Who cares if Stephon Marbury is sitting on the bench and raking in millions. Most fans just want to be entertained. And, looking at a multi-million dollar pad is exactly that…entertainment.


Lebron James


There's no better place to start, than with the king himself. "The Castle" comes with everything a non-NBA champion could ever ask for: built in theater, picturesque views of Biscayne Bay and room for plenty of guests, i.e. Wade & Bosh. To top it off, King James' $9 million palace is equipped with a dock ready for two sixty-foot yachts. Sources say Cleveland didn't have this kind of view. Pure speculation, however.


Kobe Bryant


There's no reason why the Black Mamba wouldn't make the list. Big egos need big houses. Kobe's new digs certainly fill those requirements. His "nearly complete" Bryantville in Newport Beach's schmanciest 'hood Pelican Crest should be large enough to house all his NBA rings and trophies. We hope. This 14,000-square foot (yes, castle) behemoth of a house isn't too far from two of his existing homes in Newport. The current villa contains a two level basketball court, enough room to hide out from any rogue Colorado investigators and a whopping eleven bathrooms.


Michael Jordan


This man, nor his house, needs no introduction. Jordan just purchased a new house, if thats what you wanna call it, at the Bears Club in Juniper, Florida. Yes, the same town Tiger Woods just finished his $60 million-plus bachelor pad. The Charlotte Bobcats owner threw down a cool $12.5 million for this beauty. Minus the obvious basketball court, Jordan will enjoy a media center, eleven bedrooms and full access to Jack Nicklaus' signature golf club.


Shaquille O'Neal


The Big AARP's digs might be tipping over into billionaire category. Who needs a 64,000-foot compound? Well, Shaq thinks he does. His Isleworth home—launching pad of the famous fire hydrant incident—is just big enough for Shaq's cartoon-like personality. Hopefully the eleven bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms will give him something to look forward to in retirement. Once he finishes that tour, there's also a cigar room and indoor basketball court to keep him company. Sounds like Isleworth is the place to be.


Chris Bosh


Might as well round things out with another South Florida transplant. Bosh's $12.5 million box looking, Waco style, modern villa is nothing to laugh it. (Yes, it cost $3.5 million more than King James'.) The Bosh ranch is located La Gorce Island, just a basketball's throw away from his fellow teammates Wade and James. This unique all white design boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and (unsurprisingly) an elevator. Let's not forget about the extreme courtyard gardens and heated endless pool.

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