5 NBA Players That Smoke Cigarettes

Though athletics focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle there are at least 5 NBA players that smoke cigarettes. Prominent athletes as well as some politicians and actors smoke cigarettes smoke cigarettes including Barack Obama. Obama has been quoted as trying to quit smoking cigarettes because of its negative health effects, but there are still other including NBA stars past and present that smoke cigarettes.

  1. Michael Jordan. Probably the most famous NBA smoker since his appearance on the cover of a 1993 Sports Illustrated magazine holding a cigar. Since his retirement Jordan was caught breaking a San Francisco city ordinance banning smoking on golf courses in October 2009.
  2. Charles Barkley. No stranger to cigars, Barkley has been photographed numerous times smoking cigars and cigarettes. Barkley also admitted to Fox Sports Radio that he smoked marijuana during his time in the NBA and has been quoted as defending Michael Phelps during his sponsorship losses.
  3. Bob Cousy. Becoming famous by playing for the Boston Celtics in the 1950s, Cousy was a product of his time period when information about the dangers of cigarettes was little known. Cousy was the face of Kent cigarettes in the 1960s.
  4. Adam Morrison. Once a third overall pick in the NBA, Morrison has been known to smoke cigarettes as well as chew tobacco.
  5. Vlade Divac. During an interview with ESPN in 2001 Vlade was asked if he smoked cigarettes and he responded by saying that he currently did not. Vlade admitted to smoking in the past, up to half a pack a day. Vlade further said once he began playing for the NBA he tapered down his smoking habit.


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