5 Nerd Sex Tips

If you are a nerd then you may need to know these five nerd sex tips that’ll make people know that nerds need love too. These sex tips will make sure that you and your partner get the enjoyment you desire from sex. There isn’t much you can do differently if you are a nerd, but there are some things you should keep in mind.

  1. Make sure to take your glasses off. Considering you are a nerd, you probably wear glasses. Absolutely nothing good can come from wearing your glasses for many different reasons. It may be a turn off for your partner which will make it bad sex for not only her but you as well, This will only give nerds a bad name everywhere. Another danger you face is them falling off and hitting your partner in the face which will also not be a deal breaker, but it definitely won’t help. The final thing you need to consider with wearing your glasses is that they could fall off and get rolled on while having sex, meaning you will probably have to buy more!
  2. Keep the useless knowledge that you most likely know to yourself. This goes for any interesting facts you may have about sex. It may have been an attraction for your partner before, considering she is into a nerd, but it is definitely a big turn off in the bedroom while having nerd sex!
  3. With that said, use some of that nerd knowledge while having sex. Being a nerd you probably pride yourself on knowing all kinds of information on all kinds of subjects, including sex. Don’t be afraid to use any kind of knowledge you may have picked up to stimulate your partner during sex, just remember the rule that pertains to rule two and three. Actions speak louder than words.
  4. Don’t wear the stereotypical type pants for nerds. The squeezing on your manly area will definitely have an effect on your performance. if you do this for an extended period of time it may even affect your sperm count.
  5. The final thing you need to know about nerd sex tips is to have confidence. Many nerds don’t have confidence in themselves because they have been ridiculed most their lives. So now is the time to man up and take what’s yours, assuming she consents! Just remember that low self esteem is a major turn off!
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