5 NFL Players That Have Died

In the last few years there have been many tragic deaths in sports, including five NFL players that have died still in the prime of their lives. NFL players are made to be durable and strong, but death comes to anyone it wants to regardless of age, lifestyle, gender, or physical abilities. Sadly, these NFL stars will never play another game they loved so very much.

  1. Chris Henry. Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry died a day after falling from the back of a truck after a dispute with his fiancee on December 17, 2009. He was a troubled player who was looking to get his life back together before passing away.

  2. Steve McNair. Former Tennessee Titans MVP quarterback Steve McNair was killed July 4, 2009 by a alleged girlfriend. McNair suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including one fatal shot to his head.

  3. Sean Taylor. Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was shot in the leg during a botched robbery on November 26,2007 and died the following day due to loss of blood. The shot tore through Taylor's upper thigh and perforated his femoral artery causing severe blood loss resulting in death.

  4. Fred Lane. Former Carolina Panther Fred Lane was shot and killed by his wife as he walked into his home on July 6, 2000. Lane was a running back for the Panthers and was ready to become a back-up for the Indianapolis Colts.

  5. Korey Stringer. Minnesota Vikings All-Pro offensive tackle Korey Stringer died from complications from heat stroke during a training camp session in Mankato, Minnesota on August 1, 2001. Stringer collapsed after practice and was rushed to St. Joseph's-Mayo Health systems in Mankato and died after organ failure.

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