5 NHL Players That Use Wooden Sticks

Most NHL players use composite and aluminum hockey sticks, but these are 5 NHL players that use wooden hockey sticks. These NHL players that use wooden hockey sticks keep it old school and don't believe the hype that wooden sticks slow down slap shots. They don't need fancy sticks to have successful careers.

  1. Paul Stastny – Colorado Avalanche Paul Stastny is a member of the 2010 US Olympic Team and helped the men bring home a silver medal. That pretty much proves that using a wooden stick doesn't mean a player isn't as good as others. Paul Stastny is one of the more successful players on the list of NHL players that use wooden hockey sticks.
  2. Adrian Aucoin – Phoenix Coyotes Adrian Aucoin is an NHL player determined to prove that using wooden hockey sticks is not a detriment. One of the biggest complaints about wooden hockey sticks is that they are heavier than composite sticks. This means that they can't be swung as fast and slap shots don't get as much power. Adrian Aucoin has had slap shots clocked at over 102 mph, it doesn't seem like a wooden stick is holding him back much at all.
  3. Pavol Demitra – Vancouver Canucks Pavol Demitra is another player on the list of five NHL players that use wooden hockey sticks who doesn't seem to be adversely affected by his choice of stick. In fact, Pavol Demitra was the leading scorer of the 2010 Winter Olympics with seven goals throughout the tournament. The old school choice of using an all wooden stick seems to be working out well for Demitra.
  4. Fredrik Modin – Los Angeles King Fredrik Modin has one of the hardest slap shots in the NHL. He and Adrian Aucoin disprove the rumor that wooden sticks don't shoot as hard as composite hockey sticks. It is amazing that two people on the list have some of the hardest slap shots in the NHL. Modin has had a successful career, winning the Stanley Cup in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning and a gold medal with Sweden's Olympic hockey team. 
  5. Michael Nylander – Washington Capitals Michael Nylander has been a solid player in the NHL for many years. His career has involved many trades with Nylander helping out every team he joined. Michael Nylander has a place of distinction on the list because he hold the all time assists record for the World Championship hockey tournament.

It appears that pretty much every NHL player that uses a wooden hockey stick finds some degree of success during their career.

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