5 Nokia 72 Secret Tips

If you’re looking for better ways to use your new phone, here are 5 Nokia 72 secret tips that will help you make the most of it. The Nokia 72 is a chic and stylish cell phone that is packed with features to help you fit a lot of power in your pocket. The owner’s manual, however, might leave you wondering about a few things you’d like to do with the phone. These Nokia 72 secret tips will help you answer a few questions you might be having. 

  1. Switch to silent mode instantly. You’ve no doubt found yourself in an embarrassing situation where you wished your phone was silent and this Nokia 72 secret tip will help. To make the change quickly and avoid awkward ringing, just hold down the "Pound" key for one second. Your phone will now be on silent mode and can be returned to the original settings at any time by holding the "Pound" key again.
  2. Use hard reset to return to original settings.  If your phone has a serious problem or you have purchased the phone used and want to reset all its data, you can perform a hard reset. To do this, first turn off the Nokia 72, then hold down the call button, the star key and the number three on the keypad. While still holding these buttons, turn the phone on. Keep holding until a set up screen appears. Be careful, though. While this Nokia 72 secret tip is useful for resetting your phone to its original settings, it will also erase anything and everything that is stored in the phone’s memory.
  3. Increase the quality of your calls instantly. Very few Nokia 72 users know about this secret tip, but it can be very helpful. Nokia phones have a built-in feature called the Enhanced Full Rate Codec. Don’t worry about the technical jargon. All you need to know is that this feature makes the quality of your calls better than ever before. To turn it on, just type "*3370#" and get ready to enjoy crystal clear calls.
  4. Extend your battery life. The previous Nokia 72 secret tip told you how to increase call quality, now it’s time to do the opposite. Dialing "*4720#" will actually decrease the quality and clarity of the calls you’re making. Why do that? You’ll end up with a battery that lasts about 30 percent longer during talk time. Not bad.
  5. Find out your Bluetooth address. It can be helpful to know your Bluetooth address if your Nokia 72 is Bluetooth enabled. Luckily, the final Nokia 72 secret tip makes obtaining this information easy. Just press "*#2820#" and the phone will immediately display your address.
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