5 Nokia Secret Codes Tips

Nokia phones prove to be very useful with these 5 Nokia secret code tips . You will be amazed at how just a touch of a few buttons could give you an instant result. Please note that all codes do not work on all Nokia models.

1. *#0000# or *#9999#. This code will display your Nokia's software version, release date, and compression type. So, if you are ever asked by a provider what is the software version for your Nokia, this code will tell you exactly what you need. 

2. *#06#. This secret Nokia code will get your IMEI number. This code makes it easy to retrieve your IMEI number without removing your battery. 

3. *#30#. This secret code is one of the best secret codes tips for Nokia because it allows you to see private numbers. When someone calls us private, you will be able see it all with this code.

4. Hold the # key. Holding the # key will allow you to switch between two lines that may be present. It is an easy and effective Nokia code. Just hold # down for three seconds and you will not have the other line on hold for too long.

5. *#7780#. If you ever want to sell your Nokia or just start all over, then this secret Nokia code is for you. This code resets the phone back to factory settings. This is always a good option if you do not want someone to get hold of your information or if you'd like to restore memory space.


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