5 Northern Pike Fishing Tips

If you've never fished for northern pike before, the following 5 northern pike fishing tips will help you find and catch one of the most popular and aggressive freshwater fish in North America. Many experienced anglers say that northern pike have a bad attitude. They're naturally aggressive, and will often strike at anything you put in front of them.  Sometimes, though, they can be a little finicky. These 5 northern pike fishing tips will help you coax them into striking on pure instinct.

  1. Pike Habitat- If you know how to find bass and walleye, you're in luck. These popular game fish are among the pike's favorite food sources. If you find an area that has weed beds, rocks or other structure, or a steep drop-off, there's probably a big northern there, just waiting for you to toss him a lure.
  2. Springtime Pike- Here's one of the best northern pike fishing tips you'll ever get. Springtime offers the best opportunity to land some really big northern pike.  They swim into shallow backwaters to spawn, and the big females often remain there afterward to regain their strength and fatten up on anything that happens to swim by.
  3. A Fishing Tip For Hot Summer Months- You can find smaller northern pike in water that ranges from 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit (21-24 Celsius), but when things heat up, the big ones go deep. Look for temperatures in the 50-55 degree Fahrenheit (ten to thirteen Celsius) range.
  4. Popular Pike Fishing Lures- Daredevil spoons have traditionally been the most popular lures for northern pike anglers. Use a red and white Daredevil in clear water, and the yellow "five of diamonds" design in murky water for consistent strikes.
  5. Live Bait- Sometimes you'll come up against a big northern that's wise to the most popular pike lures and techniques. In this situation, try a live offering, like a bluegill or perch. This pike fishing tip will often give you the edge you need to trigger more strikes. Be sure to check local regulations on live bait before trying this fishing tip.
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